Alisa Radoi

Alisa Radoi has held a lifelong commitment to hair and makeup that began as a teenage obsession with black liquid eyeliner and glossy magazines. Alisa could not have anticipated that her fascination with art and beauty would blossom into a fulltime career as a hair and makeup artist. As soon as she moved to US in 2001, Alisa attended London Eye International Makeup Academy, pursuing every level of makeup artistry that allowed her to perfect her craft, creating everything from the classic Californian “beachy” look all the way to the edgy artistic makeup and special effects masterpieces. Alisa prides herself on precise application and attention to detail, from fresh and clean to bold and fearless, always maintaining a refined and immaculate aesthetic. In the pursuit of constantly developing her knowledge in the industry, Alisa became a licensed medical aesthetician and micropigmentologist. As passionate today as she was as a curious teen, Alisa's career continues to grow and evolve. With her innate artistic ability and discerning eye, Alisa constantly challenges herself to explore new creative visions while maintaining the fresh approachable style that has become her trademark.