Cammy Kelly

For over a decade Cammy Kelly has been a successful make-up & hair stylist, a career built upon the foundation of her many years on the other side of the camera as a successful model. Cammy brings a wealth of experience in the fashion and commercial print industry to every assignment. Cammy is currently based in Chicago, but travels all over the country for shoots. From a very young age Cammy’s artistic talents were encouraged and developed with help from her engineer/designer father. She continued to study the arts throughout high school and as her major in college. As a fledgling model she parlayed her talents in portraiture and design into an ability to create her own unique styles for the camera, building her reputation for exceptional make-up and hair design. Having been on both sides of the camera, Cammy is able to understand everyone’s vision and how all elements are involved in the final product. “I’m part of the collaboration with the photographer, client and talent.”